We know, we know, this thing is huge. And you want it. Well, you can’t have it but you can have us come out to your location the day of or the night before your party and we’ll be glad to smoke you an entire hog or any other meat of your choosing.

We’ll even grill you some burgers while you wait.

Our custom designed whole hog smoker will perfectly smoke your pig, on-site, while your guest watch.

Smoking a hog is an event in and of itself that brings people together for food and fun. Call today to have a party like no other, you’ll get all of the credit for the party and we’ll do all the work. Check out our other menu and side options to compliment your smoked hog.

To make a party reservation Contact Us or send Larry a direct email to larry@thesmokinokies.com.

If you aren’t so much into this whole online thing feel free to give Larry a call at 405-305-4768 or on his mobile at 405-615-6830.